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"ChapterBlaq is an eBook platform that delivers books and audio books almost instantaneously. You can purchase, download, and start reading within minutes! You no longer need to travel to a bookstore, nor wait days or weeks for a book arrive in the mail. Start reading and building your black library today!"



What makes us stand out


It is compatible with all devices, major mobile OS and all modern day browsers,

Data Synchronization

Works across multiple devices and allows for easy data syncing across all your devices.

Simple UI Layout

The platforms simple design makes it easy to navigate.


Simple Questions


What is ChapterBlaq?

ChapterBlaq is a web ebook reader and ecommerce platform that allows users to buy, sell, and read books on the platform and from their devices.


Why use ChapterBlaq?

The convenience of having thousands of books on a single device is awesome. ChapterBlaq also makes it easy for you to sell your books and receive a percentage on every unit of your work sent.


Is it safe to use ChapterBlaq?

Yes, 100%. ChapterBlaq promises to not give out any of your personal information, or plaque your screens with ads. All informations you submit and stored safe and secure and never shared to anyone.


How to use ChapterBlaq?

When you signup for an account on ChapterBlaq, you get access to reading, purchasing and submitting your own works.

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